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As you know, a voice over actor must use their voice to narrate, market products and services for TV/radio ads, animation, audiobooks, video games, and educational or training videos. In addition to doing impressions and character voices.

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I have been a theatre actress for more than 20 years and have brought that experience to the world of voice over and it is work I absolutely love doing!
I have a keen understanding that it’s not just about having a “good speaking voice”. It’s a skill set in knowing when to move the voice with inflection, enunciation, vocal pacing, pausing, with proper tone and meaning.
My life experiences are my credentials. These experiences on and off the stage have turned me into a versatile and diverse storyteller and actress. I bring originality and have an innate understanding of a clients needs, making me the perfect fit for any voice over project!


I have produced and ran my own online radio show at LA Talk Radio in Los Angeles. I've studied with Carroll Day Kimble of Carroll Voiceover Casting Co. (ie: The Simpsons) in Studio City, CA and William Williams of Aliso Creek Productions of Burbank, CA.
I currently produce V.O. reels for those who want to get into this competitive field and offer training and tips on vocalization and do's and don'ts.

Why wouldn't you book me? I come packed with experience and expertise!

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Get a V.O. reel that rocks!

Have you ever wanted to be a voice actor? Maybe you’ve heard the voice from a movie trailer, TV commercial, video game, cartoon, internet or radio ad, and thought, “I want to do that!” 

Ever  wonder what it takes to succeed in the voice over business? First off,  you’re going to need a professional voice over demo reel.

Your reel IS “your face” or shall I say “voice”.  It’s an audio file that is used to show off your vocal talents and is usually submitted for voice over auditions.  You will have multiple versions of you speaking for radio/television ads, internal corporate videos, educational training videos, and even narrating for books!  

 Remember, your demo are snippets to provide to a client to give them just  a taste of your vocal abilities in as many genres you are strong at to see if you are a fit for their project(s).

Just call me Rockin’ Robin ~ I will produce your  V.O. demo that ROCKS!



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