how much does it cost to set up your voice over studio?

What you need:

  • recording booth (this would be your closet WITH clothes hanging if possible)
  • Microphone Bundle with table Mic Stand, Mic Cable, windscreen, Shock Mount (this only depends on type of microphone),  & Pop Filter
  • Audio Interface
  • Computer/laptop
  • Recording Software
  • Voiceover platforms to start making money!


  • soundproof foam wall panels
  • bass traps (for the corners in your closet
  • square bass traps (for the corners on your ceiling

Cost : these are approximate prices ~bought on Amazon; prices fluctuate

  •  $0
  • up to $300
  • $100
  • up to $300- $500 (you don’t need to go top of the line here; just something to run the recording software)
  •  $0-$180
  • $0-600 (depends on the package you choose)
  • $30
  • $30
  • $40
* I don’t recommend Audacity – I myself started out using it and have found much better options
* I will provide a list of  necessary equipment needed to get started and the recording software I use that is FREE FOR 60 DAYS

your setup should look similar to this

image courtesy of: voiceover freelance

every beginner voice talent needs a reel done right!

First, you are going to need some scripts, Yea!! Google has a plethora of scripts to meet your needs.  Just Google voiceover scripts and starting reading them out loud.  Choose funny, serious, luxury vehicle, food, shopping, tech, the list goes on and on.  Eventually you will find what feels right for you.  Maybe you’re a comedic voice talent ~ no problem.  Maybe your sound is more cinematic, dramatic, and serious.  Trust me , there’s a script for it and I can help you find the one that right for you!  You need to pick at least your top 5-7 scripts!

Second, we will need to chat with each other.  Noooo, not online chatting, but over the phone AND video chatting.  A one hour  consultation (mandatory).  I will never discourage you;  only support you to the best of my ability.  I need to hear your voice and perhaps even watch you do your reads to see how your breathing techniques are.  You’d be surprised how quickly you can run out of breath before you’ve completed the sentence! Part of this consultation is  to see your set up!  Make sure things are properly connected, mic is the proper distance away from your mouth, settings on interface are correct, and spend some time learning the basics of your recording software.  Just learn how to hit record & stop, save it, and email it to me as an mp3 file.  I KNOW you can handle that, and I’ll take care to the rest and getting you sounding broadcast ready!   


If want your reel to have crystal clear radio broadcasting quality, then let Robins Final Voice take care of you at the most reasonable rates out there!






raw audio simply means no filters have been applied to the recording; ie: compressor, normalize, EQ,  De-esser, gate,  etc.

You just hit record,  hit stop when you’re done with each script , save/export as mp3, send me your best take for each script.

My fees include all editing ; ie: compressor, EQ, breath removals, etc.  Lastly,  the jingle music is added!

**you are sent an invoice at the time of consultation call.  The consultation payment must be made at the beginning of  phone/video call before we get started!  I must know you are serious, our time is valuable.  Once your audio files have been sent to Robins Final Voice and they are up to par for editing, an invoice will be submitted for the remaining $225.

TOTAL = $300.00

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